Welcome to FakeMemorySentinel.

Our site is a member of the FrankenFlash Project. Unlike SOSFakeFlash we do not wait confirmation before issuing a warning on the internet.

In January 2010, after two years of investigation the project released:

Draw your own conclusions.

Since August 2008, SOSFakeFlash has battled fraudulent eBay flash memory sellers. The project estimates less then 1 in 10,000 fake flash memory items is pursued with a dispute – a PayPal claim. According to SOSFakeFlash, buyers find out too late.

Fake flash memory sellers adapt their tactics.

The cycle is endless. By early February 2010, SOSFakeFlash documented over 900+ eBay sellers.

The rules imposed on SOSFakeFlash, while providing solid reputation and credentials is working against victims of fake flash memory. These rules are exploited by fraudulent sellers who are delaying shipments, use multiple item listings, private auctions, email tennis, renaming eBay id’s, using counterfeit rings (multiple eBay id’s), opening new ids to continue when suspended, dump and run (deregistering) – every tactic possible to use the short claim window eBay members have.

The project has formed a new group, the most seasoned fake flash memory hunters with access to SOSFakeFlash’s databases. The objective? Rapid response. The group? FakeMemorySentinel.